Tidewater-Peninsula Baptist Association - Company Message
TPBA Committees

Committee on Scholarships - There shall be a committee on Scholarships appointed by the Moderator and ratified by this 
         Body at the Annual Session.  This committee shall consist of seven (7) members of this Association, appointed by the
         moderator and approved on the last day of the annual meeting.  No Scholarship Committee member shall succeed 
         himself or herself in office consecutively more than three times until at least one year has elapsed.

Committee on Permanent Organization (Nomination)

Committee on New Bodies and Credentials

Committee on Time and Place

Committee on Association Concerns

Committee on Budget - The Budget Committee shall be responsible for submitting to the Executive Board a proposed
          comprehensive budget for the Upcoming Fiscal year in the Planning Session, to be approved in the Annual Session. 
          This budget is to include the budget requests of all auxiliaries of the Association.

Committee on Registration

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